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Music helps “tough” exercise

High-intensity interval training and other “tough” exercises are not easy for everyone to get into, especially at first. However, many say the results are well worth the effort, as the exercises build endurance and stamina in addition toning the body and burning calories. New research from the University of British Columbia suggests upbeat music helps those engaging in tough exercises so they see their workouts through. Learn more about this study to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Unpleasant” Stigma

HIIT is often perceived as “grueling” and “unpleasant,” especially by less active individuals.

“While HIIT is time-efficient and can elicit meaningful health benefits among adults who are insufficiently active, one major drawback is that people may find it to be unpleasant. As a result, this has the potential to discourage continued participation,” noted Matthew Stork, a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at the university.

The Study

The study, which took place at Brunel University London, used songs with high ratings in regards to motivation to determine their effect on exercise and sports.

“Music is typically used as a dissociative strategy. This means that it can draw your attention away from the body’s physiological responses to exercise such as increased heart rate or sore muscles,” said Stork. “But with high-intensity exercise, it seems that music is most effective when it has a fast tempo and is highly motivational.

“We believed that motivational music would help people enjoy the exercise more, but we were surprised about the elevated heart rate. That was a novel finding,” he continued.

Stock also said music makes an effective “practice strategy” for those starting rigorous exercise programs and helps inspire “continued participation.”
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