We’ve already discussed a number of fun summer activities that burn calories, but there’s plenty more to mention! Engaging in any of the following activities in addition to researching Phentermine, the fast weight loss solution currently taking over Miami, puts you on the direct path to your dream size.

Let’s review a few more fun summer activities that burn calories:

Play Basketball

Are pickup games of basketball your favorite? You’ll be pleased to know that six minutes on the court equals 54 calories burned.

Enjoy Croquet

While hardly as intense as many summer activities, this entertaining lawn game nevertheless burns 57 calories in 20 minutes.

Go Rock Climbing

Experience rock climbing if you haven’t already and burn a lot of calories. It’s important to follow all safety precautions whether new to this activity or not, however four minutes burns an incredible 50 calories.

Vacuum the House

It may not be as fun as various outdoor activities, yet vacuuming your entire house burns 54 calories per 15 minutes in addition to freeing your home from dust and the like.

Play Catch

Whether with a football or baseball, 18 minutes of playing catch burns 54 calories.

Play Tennis

Get on the tennis court and burn 54 calories in 10 minutes.

Jump Rope

Break out the jump rope and burn 59 calories for every five minutes of jumping.

Try Paddle Boarding

In addition to being a fantastic ab workout, paddle boarding also burns 54 calories in 10 minutes.

Go Sailing or Windsurfing

Enjoy an adventure on the high seas and burn 51 calories in 15 minutes.

Tread Water

Whether in a lake, pool, or ocean, you’ll shed 54 calories in 12 minutes of treading water.

Did any of your favorites make the list?

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