Losing weight doesn’t have to be a painful, gut-wrenching process. There’s plenty of fun ways to burn calories and slim down, some of which we’ve already highlighted. Let’s look at a few more fun options for obtaining your goal weight for fast weight loss:

Trapeze Class

If you aren’t afraid of heights and enjoy flying through the air, research trapeze classes in your area. Trapeze provides excellent upper body training, and regular work will leave your with toned arms and abs.

Hula Hoops

Remember hula hoops? The fun children’s toy burns up to 600 calories an hour! Lighter hula hoops burn more calories because they require more rotating. Consider adding hula hooping to your daily workout routine.


The classic “garden game” is one you can play anywhere. Run around, get some arm work in, and otherwise have a great time.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is an excellent way to burn stomach fat and tone your abs. It’s also really fun if you love to dance for fast weight loss in Jacksonville!


Love the outdoors? Get a group of friends together and spend the day hiking. Research trails near you and spend some time in the mountains if applicable. While you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew in regards to difficulty, consider steeper trails so you burn more calories.

Fitness Video Games

There’s plenty of fitness and dance video games to choose from, such as Dance Dance Revolution. Most games are interactive and provide plenty of fun when trying to shed unwanted pounds.

Family Game Days

Spending the day playing sports with the family is yet another fun way to burn calories. Think touch football, basketball, the aforementioned badminton, and anything else you want to do. Go to a driving range, or a batting cage. Play soccer or frisbee. The options are endless!

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