Exercise is one of the keys to weight loss and overall health; however, it is not always easy to make time for working out. Rather than falling behind your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, use these tips to burn extra calories on days when overscheduling gets the best of you:

Brush And Tone

Use tooth brushing time as a chance to get some squats, leg raises, or other standing exercise in. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your pearly whites for two minutes twice a day, so why not use those four minutes to tone your muscles?

Run Up Public Stairs

Walk if not run up public stairs (as long as it is safe) several times if you are not in a hurry. Take advantage of stairs at your local park, train and subway stations, shopping malls, and everywhere else to burn calories and seriously tone your legs. Squeeze your abs as you go to make this mini workout even more effective.

Take 5-Minute Arm & Ab Breaks

Pick from the plethora of five-minute exercise videos on YouTube for working out quickly in the morning or any other time, such as mid-afternoon if you work out of your house. Look for workouts that focus solely on the arms, abs, or another body part you want to tone. Many of these workouts are HIIT so you really burn your chosen target out.

Go For A Walk

Walk any time you possibly can. Increase your daily step number by walking to the local convenience or retail store, a friend or family’s member house, or even work if it is feasible. Maintain a fast pace and aim for at least 30 minutes total throughout the day. Half an hour of walking is a wonderful low impact workout that targets practically every muscle.

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