If your weight hasn’t changed much over the last few weeks, you might be a victim of misinformation about your metabolism. Boost your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts by learning about a few metabolism myths. It turns out quite a few exist!

“Fasting Helps Your Metabolism”

Hardly. “Drastic diets don’t work and lead to weight gain, not loss, and can decrease your metabolism,” says Ellen Albertson, PhD, of South Burlington, Vermont. Additionally, the stress fasting puts on your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to belly fat.

“Metabolism Slows Down At Night”

“It turns out that the way your body handles the food and the calories contained within that food has a lot to do with what you’re eating, your body’s own unique physiology, and your level of activity,” says Marc Leavey, MD, a primary care specialist in Lutherville, Maryland.

“You Have No Control Over Your Metabolism”

What you consume, how often you exercise, and your body’s mineral stores have a significant impact on metabolism. Don’t think you have no say in your metabolism level…you absolutely do!

“Eat Six Meals A Day To Keep Your Metabolism Up”

“Eating frequent meals without looking into the total caloric consumption may lead to weight gain instead of weight loss,” says Karen Lau, RD, in Boston. Eat in moderation and take Phentermine to reduce your appetite.

“Metabolism Levels Are Unaffected By Age”

You don’t need as many calories as you get older, particularly if you are not that active. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, as working out is an essential component to a healthy, long life.

“Detox Cleanses ‘Reset’ Your Metabolism.”

Actually, your metabolism is slower when you start eating regularly again because you have less muscle. You will subsequently gain fat if you aren’t careful!

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