According to a new British study, men are embarrassed or “scared” to order vegetables when they are out to eat and predominantly order meat-based dishes instead. The study was part of the Man Food Project that explores the social and cultural reasons why men consistently choose meat over veggies.

Mixed Feelings

A number of them [the study participants] relayed different experiences that indicated shame, embarrassment, or conflict-avoidance that on occasion led them to eat meat, or offer meat to guests in their house,” remarked lead researcher Dr. Emma Roe, a professor at the University of Southampton. She added that man are traditionally thought of as the “butchers and barbecuers” of society.

Eating animals has been a key feature of the history of human civilization,” she added. “It is a demonstration of the distinction between society and nature, because we can eat them. Men have been the dominant power in human civilization; thus, the association of eating meat is stronger for men than for women.”

Animal Byproducts As Well As Meat

According to a 2016 survey, men choose animal byproducts such as cheese much more often than their female counterparts. The survey found about 63% of vegans in Britain were female compared to 37% of men. Since many meat and dairy products are loaded with saturated and trans fats, the preference for meat and cheese could explain why men so often deal with belly fat.

Going Veggie

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