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Maria sharapova shares how she stays in shape off the tennis court

Tennis star Maria Sharapova plays the sport for three hours a day five days a week, but that’s just one component of her exercise regimen. Learn the other ways Sharapova stays in pro-athlete shape to inspire your own workout efforts. Exercise is not only key to a healthy life, it is key to Phentermine 37.5mg success.

Mix It Up

“Our bodies get used to something when we do it consistently, so I think the biggest gift that I can give to my body is always making it guess,” Sharapova recently told People magazine. “It’s really about mixing it up and doing different things. As much as I play tennis, I want to do workouts that are different.”

Strengthen Your Core And Don’t Forget To Stretch

“I love doing core because it’s the center of the chain for everything,” she says. “I love Pilates, I love stretching. It’s a little bit of everything.”

Additionally, Sharapova gives herself a rest day every week so her body can recover and her muscles can repair themselves.

“When we think about working out and staying in shape, we think about constantly doing it, but sometimes the days off are just as important for your body as the days that you’re on,” she says.

Enjoy A Balanced Diet And Don’t Deprive Yourself

“It’s about making the right choices for your body, but I also think indulging is a part of it,” she says. “It’s important mentally to give yourself a break as well. If you’re constantly resisting and saying ‘no,’ that becomes a challenge. I try to keep it 80/20 where 80 percent you’re healthy and you’re really aware that you’re eating clean, and 20 percent giving yourself a chance to relax and have a piece of bread and a cookie!”

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