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Making fitness more fun 5 tips

Make fitness as fun as it should be with some tips from the Tone It Up Girls. Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn are two fitness gurus known for making workouts all kinds of enjoyable, and created an online community to help their followers stay motivated. Use some of their best tips to revamp your exercise routine–and therefore assist your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen— so it works better for you:

Work Out With A Buddy

“For us, the number one thing is getting a girlfriend involved,” says Dawn. “Having an accountability partner really does make it more fun and motivating. It’s knowing that you’re not alone in this journey—you can turn and look at someone after class or after a workout and be like, ‘That was awesome,’ or you can say, ‘Please help me.’”

Create A Motivational Playlist

“We always have to have a fun playlist for working out,” says Dawn. “Sometimes we’ll listen to old school jazz, sometimes we’ll listen to the latest and greatest dance music, or sometimes just Beyoncé on Pandora. Whatever mood we’re in, we totally jam out.”

Set Smaller Goals

“Setting little mini goals each day is really important,” says Scott. “And, of course, setting attainable goals—that’s number one.”

Make Things REALLY Social

“We got used to a social fitness, where you get together with your girlfriends and not only are you together spending time but you also have those accountability partners,” Dawn notes.

Mix Things Up

The Tone It Up Girls are all about changing their workouts and getting outside whenever possible!

“We’ll text each other and be like, ‘What do you feel like this week?” Dawn says of her weekly routine with Scott.

Take cues from these fabulous females…and look forward to working out instead of dreading it! Have fun and be safe!

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