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Make these drink switches to lose weight

Losing weight is not just about what you eat—it is also about what you drink. If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen that includes plenty of exercise and lots of fruits and veggies, do not think you are free to drink whatever you want. Many beverages are calorie bombs that add considerably to your waistline. Consider the following switches to help yourself beat the bulge.

Iced Coffee Beverages For Tea

Tall iced coffee beverages topped with whipped cream and three different types of syrup are so loaded with calories you might as well eat a bowl of ice cream. Switch this highly-sweetened, highly-caffeinated beverage for green tea with honey or lemon. The tea is a known diuretic that provides the caffeine boost you need to start your morning the right way.

Pina Coladas For Hard Liquor On The Rocks

If you want to drink an alcoholic beverage, hard liquor on the rocks has the least amount of calories. Pina coladas and daiquiris are both chock-full of sugar and calories, while any drink with soda features a higher calorie count. Beer is also a caloric disaster—have you heard the saying “There is a hoagie in every beer”? Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum whenever possible and always skip the sweet stuff.

Soda For Water

Soda is another known culprit when it comes to calories and sugar. The sweet stuff causes a number of other health problems as well, such as the leeching of calcium from your bones. Go for water instead—it is calorie-free and essential to a healthy life. It does not dehydrate the body unlike soda, helps you feel full, and prevents a host of other health problems. The vital liquid is one of the best things you can drink to lose weight and stay healthy.

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