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Madonna’s fitness secrets

Pop icon Madonna is known for many things, including staying in incredible shape. The Material Girl’s trainer has spilled a few of her best fitness secrets over the years, any of which will easily help you on your own fast weight loss journey. Check it out:

Change Is Good

”The only constant thing is change,” says trainer Nicole Winhoffer. “Your workouts should be diversified to challenge the mind and body. If your mind and body are not challenged, you won’t see results.”

“She’s really careful about not getting bored,” adds celebrity photographer Humberto Carreno, who has regularly photographed the pop queen. “One day she’ll go to the gym, the next she’ll be jogging in Central Park. I’ve never seen her do the same thing twice in a row.”

Set Goals

”It’s good to set goals. When you’re specific about what you are reaching toward, you will get what you want,” Windhoffer says. “Concentrating on your goals will lead them to you. Believe in yourself and work at it.”

Forget The Dingy Workout Clothes

“She always looks great, wearing the coolest athletic clothes,” Carreno notes. “It must motivate her.”

Pay Attention

”It’s not what you are doing but how you are doing it,” Winhoffer says. “Sweating is a direct result of performance – it means you are doing it right. Pay attention to the exercise, what muscles you are working, how it feels, and if it challenges you. Do the things that are challenging, and break through the obstacles.”

Don’t Overdo It

Carreno says he’s never seen the stunning singer work out for more than 45 minutes, which shows you don’t have to “kill yourself” to have a fit figure. Staying diligent works much better!

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