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Loss motivation tips from the experts

As much as you want to lose weight, some days you simply might not have the motivation. This is normal and happens to everyone–the trick is not letting one bad day turn into a habit! Use Phentermine 37.5mg and the following motivational tips from fitness experts to fuel your weight loss journey. Good luck!

Put On A Show

“What gets me going during a tough workout is to imagine I’m putting on a show, and give it my best. Maybe it’s just the performer in me, but I always work harder if I think someone is watching.” —Erin Kaye Locksley Sanders, Brooklyn-based certified personal trainer

Just Do It

“I shut off that ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t want to today’ voice and replace it with a stronger, ‘You’ve got this, girl!’ The hardest part can be just strapping on those sneaks and getting started. I’ll bargain with myself—’Just try it out for five minutes.’ And you know what? Shortly into the warm-up, I’ve forgotten all of those excuses.” —Petrina Hamm, certified personal trainer

Remember The End Goal

“I keep items of inspiration around my apartment to help me remember what I am working towards, like an expensive dress hanging on the outside of my closet. Then I’ll picture the fun night I’ll have when I get the chance to wear it!” —PJ Monson, NASM-certified personal trainer

Start With Your Favorite Exercises

“What gets me to tackle a workout when I’m not feeling it? A very long warm-up consisting of foam rolling and mobility work. Then I start with my favorite exercise. At the very least I’ve done something—and at the most I will go ahead and crush my workout.” —Shane McLean, certified personal trainer

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