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Lose weight by drinking less alcohol: 4 tips

Whether you are new to weight loss or not, you may make the same mistake so many people have: not counting your alcohol intake in your calories for the day. Alcohol is full of empty calories, especially beer, wine, and mixed drinks such as margaritas and pina coladas. Help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job with these tips for drinking less:

Stick To Drinking On The Weekends

Make a point of not drinking even one glass of wine or beer Monday through Thursday. While this does not mean you should make up for the alcohol you didn’t consume on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it is a way to drink less and therefore consume less calories.

Order One Expensive Drink

Order one expensive drink at the local bar or your favorite restaurant instead of guzzling bottles or glasses of the cheap stuff. You’re much more likely to savor an expensive glass of wine or craft beer and will probably not order as many because of the high price tag. Make your drink choice count instead of consuming an excessive number of libations.

Ask Yourself If You Really Need It

Before you pour that glass of wine or open that can of beer, ask yourself if you really need it. Think about the other calories you consumed that day and if your alcoholic beverage of choice can wait until the weekend. Your waistline will thank you!

Avoid The High-Calorie Stuff

Avoid drinks featuring serious calories, such as the aforementioned frozen drinks. Consuming these drinks means you are not only ingesting the sugar and calories in the alcohol, but the sugar and calories in the additives such as juice and sour mix. Sugary drinks also increase your hangover chances.

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