There’s lots of little ways to cut calories on a daily basis, all of which contribute greatly to your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. Check out the following tips and tricks and use them to whittle your middle:

Zero-Calorie Beverages

Drink more zero-calorie beverages such as…water! Agua is essential to a healthy life while also staving off hunger. Drink a glass of water before meals to eat less and avoid all calorie-tastic and “sugar-free” drinks, including soda, sweet tea, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Even the lowest-calorie drinks add up quickly, so stick with water as much as possible.

Dinner Table Eating

Eat at the dinner table instead of while watching television, as studies indicate the latter results in consumption of 288 more calories. Consuming your food at the dinner table prevents mindless snacking, as you’re solely focused on what you’re eating.

Black Coffee

Drink black coffee instead of always adding cream. Also avoid assorted frozen coffee beverages loaded with syrup and whipped cream, as they’re all serious calorie bombs. Black coffee is healthier and features way less calories.

Portion Size

Keep portion size in mind to sidestep extra calories. Supersized fries and bottomless food buffets make it portion control challenging, so remember to look at your portions and make adjustments accordingly. Eating a 2 rather than 4-ounce bagel is a way to save 100 calories, and that’s just one example.

Learn To Say No

Learn to say no to second and third helpings, more bread in the restaurant bread basket, etc. If there’s the option to add cheese to, well, anything, say no. If you do this all day long, you’re saving yourself at least 100 calories if not many, many more.

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