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Limiting mealtimes can increase desire to exercise

A new study from the Society for Endocrinology and published in the Journal of Endocrinology found that limiting food access can potentially provide additional motivation to exercise. Learn about this study here to help make better food decisions as part of your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Ghrelin Hormone Surges In Mice

Researchers used mice for their study. They found that the rodents started voluntarily exercising after periods of fasting due to surges in the ghrelin hormone. Known as the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin stimulates the appetite through the brain’s reward circuitry system, which heightens the motivation to consume food. This hormone may also be linked to exercise motivation because it increases the metabolism, allowing the body to fulfill the energy demands necessary to endurance workouts. The connection between ghrelin levels and exercise in mice was explored for this study.

Running More

For the study, the mice who had restricted access to food ran more than mice who had unlimited access to food.

“Our findings suggest that hunger, which promotes ghrelin production, may also be involved in increasing motivation for voluntary exercise, when feeding is limited,” said Dr Yuji Tajiri and colleagues from Kurume University School of Medicine in Japan. “Therefore, maintaining a healthy eating routine, with regular mealtimes or fasting, could also encourage motivation for exercise in overweight people.”

More research is needed, however.

“These findings and previous reports are based on animal studies; so much more work is needed to confirm that this ghrelin response is also present in people. If it can be established in clinical practice, it not only opens up new cost-effective diet and exercise strategies but may also indicate a new therapeutic application for ghrelin-mimicking drugs.”

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