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Kathy ireland’s fitness secrets

Iconic Sports Illustrated model Kathy Ireland is her very own worldwide brand, and looks as stunning as ever. Now in her early 50s, Ireland shared some of her best fitness secrets with Shape magazine a few years ago. Check out what she had to say and let her inspire your fitness regimen!

Working Out Every Day

“It changes week to week, but I get some physical exercise every day. My true workouts are generally about three times a week. I need to do more, especially after 40! The metabolism slows; it’s always a battle of time management.”

Favorite Workouts

“Stretching intensively is an amazing solution for weight loss, calming the body and mind, body toning, and strengthening. On occasion, I use weights for toning. I use these for at least 30 minutes a day when possible. This keeps me strong for surfing. Pushups and sit-ups really help too.”

Her Diet

“Low-fat dairy and all kinds of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, plenty of water, calcium, vitamins like vitamin-D, and yes, occasionally red meat. I enjoy healthy carbs too! I have a sweet tooth.”

Fat-Burning Activities

“[My family and I] live near the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. Any physical activity with our children is a great joy and believe me, they keep me in shape. I love to bike, hike, swim, and surf, especially walking on the beach in the sand, just before I catch a big wave. These are all California activities.”

Staying Aware

“I don’t feel I am “incredibly fit.” It’s an ongoing process. My goal is just to be as healthy as possible and keep up with our children. I want to go surfing on my 120th birthday. At one point in my life, I gained more than 25 pounds without being aware of it. I’m more aware today. A pound a year over 20 years is dangerous. I know from personal experience.”

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