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Kate hudson’s diet and exercise secrets

Kate Hudson has always been fit, and recently launched a line of exercise clothing for women among her other ventures. Let’s check out what the actress and her personal trainer have to say about staying healthy and slim:

Sweat It Out

“I’ll go on a hike, or I’ll play football with the kids,” she says. “The goal for me is to just get in a good sweat.”

Do Something Every Day

“Do something every day, even if it’s only a walk around the block,” says Hudson’s personal trainer Nicole Stewart.

Eat Mindfully

“After I had kids, there were 15 pounds that were really hard for me to drop — and I was doing it all wrong,” Hudson has said. “Finally I just decided to get My Fitness Pal and actually type in everything I was eating. I realized I was ingesting 3500 calories a day. And, I was like, “Oh, that might be why I’m plateauing.’ And then, the cool thing was I actually learned about food. I made myself do it for a long time, and by the end of about four months, it was a joke, I knew what everything on the table was. I was like, ‘That croissant is 350 calories.’”

“No white flour, sugar, fried or processed food. No sodas! Lots of roughage, water, and protein!,” says Stewart.

Stay Positive

“You create what you think. If you think, “I’m fat,” you will believe that and eat unhealthy foods,” notes Stewart. “Be happy in your body and mind. Give thanks for being able to walk around the block and do the things some people cannot.”

Listen To Your Body

“If you’re too tired or in pain, don’t run — walk,” Stewart emphasizes. “Really listen to how you’re feeling, and follow that.”

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