Model, actress, television personality, radio host, and author Jenny McCarthy is one fit 42-year-old. She’s shared numerous fitness and diet secrets over the years, any of which will help you on your own fast weight loss journey. Check it out:


“[I love] Bikram Yoga!,” McCarthy has said. “It makes me feel better, it helps me stay in shape and it’s an all natural way to keep my face firm. You know how when you get a facial and they steam your skin for 90 minutes? That’s how Bikram leaves my skin—it tightens it.”

Her Healthy Snack

“Watermelon. It’s my little secret. It helps me with not retaining water and it balances my blood sugar levels.”

Holiday Weight Loss Secret

“I was definitely up after the holidays last year, so I tried what everyone always says to do: running,” she said. “I was on that treadmill every day for 45 minutes. I didn’t do anything fancy with intervals to spike my pulse rate, because I have palpitations and my heart can’t handle the intensity. I did a moderate pace and kept it there the whole time. After a few weeks, the extra weight dropped off.”

Family Time

McCarthy regularly goes on bike rides with her son Evan, and her husband, actor Donnie Wahlberg.


The radio host also loves having her iPod with her when she exercises, as she’s been quoted as saying, “I’d rather be electrocuted than not have my iPod on the treadmill.”

“Soup Diet”

When she needs to shed a few pounds, McCarthy turns to soup.

“I do something called the Soup Diet,”she told Life & Style. “I cook tons of soups and freeze them. Then I eat them literally for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

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