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Jennifer lopez says vegan diet helped her lose 10 pounds

Actress/singer/dancer extraordinaire Jennifer Lopez recently wowed audience members when she co-hosted The View on Thursday, March 31. The 46-year-old beauty wore a form-fitting nude dress that showed off her curves and recent 10-pound quick weight loss.

Feeling “Chunky”

Lopez may be considered one of Tinseltown’s hottest celebrities, however she felt she looked “chunky” in old photos and decided to focus on a vegan diet to help her slim down in addition to her exercise routine. The performer says her weight usually fluctuates seven to eight pounds, but that her recent stint in Las Vegas has meant daily cardio workouts…and a subsequent slimdown.

“I fluctuate,” Lopez told her View co-hosts. “I go up and down like 7 or 8 pounds all the time. When I’m doing the [Vegas] show I get slim. But when I stop, I get chunky. I feel it.”

The Tracy Anderson Method

Lopez follows the Tracy Anderson Method of working out, which includes muscular structure work and nine to 13 exercises that change every day. The star works out with Anderson on a regular basis, with routines including high-intensity cardio dance exercise, high repetitions with three-pound hand weights, and light strength-training using body weight.

“Mostly” Vegan

While Lopez isn’t a die-hard vegan anymore, she does enjoy a plant-based diet the majority of the time. She says the diet has encouraged her to consume more vegetables.

“Even if you’re 70 to 80 percent vegan, it’s so much better having those vegetables, greens, and plant-based stuff,” she noted. “It’s going to change your life and health.”

In Combination With Phentermine

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