“I never realized how many things are affected by weight. I was always very slim growing up. In my 20s I started getting curvier and in 30s I quit smoking and my metabolism slowed down and I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted anymore. I recently was turning 40 and I wanted to lose 40 pounds by 40. #40by40

In February a friend mentioned the website drtohelp.com and said they sell appetite suppressants that I should try. I spoke to my sister who is a nurse and she said she knows several people who have had success with them.

Now 5 months later I am 40 years old and 40 pounds lighter and counting! #40by40

My back feels better, I have more energy, cloths I haven’t worn in 4 years are fitting again, and my overall determination to get healthy just increases each day.

Phentermine doesn’t remove the urge to eat it just keeps me eating less. I am doing very low carb and with the help of this prescription it is possible! Trust me I love carbs so if I can do it so can you!

I still have a ways to go and really need to incorporate working out as that hasn’t been a part of this journey like it should.

I started getting frustrated then I looked at pictures of me from February and realized there is a difference!

Lastly, if the price is deteriorating you from purchasing believe me when I say you will save over $80 a month on the food you AREN’T eating anymore.

Best thing I do for my health each month is go to drtohelp.com.”

-Jamie S.