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Jackie warner’s best weight loss tips

Celebrity personal trainer Jackie Warner is perhaps best known for shows Work Out and Thintervention with Jackie Warner. She owns the Beverly Hills, CA gym Sky Sport and Spa, and regularly dispenses her fast weight loss and fitness advice to various media outlets.

Let’s take a look at some of Jackie’s best advice to help you shed unwanted pounds:

Don’t Skip Meals

“When I work with morbidly obese clients, I notice there is a similarity between them: they all skip meals,” Jackie told Time. “Skipping meals is the No. 1 cause of a slow metabolism. When your metabolism slows, your blood sugar drops and there’s a physiological change that occurs. Your insulin drops and your body goes into starvation mode — it purposefully learns to store fat more effectively. The next thing you put in your mouth is almost twice as likely to be stored as fat. I had to work so hard to get people to eat normal meals at normal times.

Long Workouts Aren’t Necessarily the Best Workouts

“How long you work out isn’t as important as how strong you work out,” Warner has said. High-intensity interval training sessions, for example, are typically 10 to 20 minutes long and provide all the the benefits of extended workouts.

It’s Entirely Possible to Rev Your Metabolism

“The best way to do that [boost metabolism] is through exercise. Obviously the workout burns calories, but exercise also adds muscle to your body. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn in a day, even while at rest.”

Quit With the Sugar

“Sugar makes you stupid: your brain doesn’t fire the way it does without sugar. Don’t buy fat-free foods because when you take out the fat, you take out the flavor. To get the flavor back, the food industry has probably just added more sugar. It’s addictive. And to be clear, we’re not talking about candy, cookies and lollipops. Those are bad, of course, but sugar is in virtually every food, from condiments to bread. Crackers, croutons, bread, bagels — that’s sugar.”

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