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Is instagram the new weight loss tool

Food photos on the popular Instagram app may be key in helping users lose weight, according to a new study by the University of Washington. If you do not have the app, consider downloading to help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts!

The Visual Significance Of Photos

“The benefit of photos is that it’s more fun to do than taking out a booklet or typing hundreds of words of description in an app,” said lead author and UW human-centered design and engineering doctoral student Christina Chung. “Plus, it’s more socially appropriate for people who are trying to track their diets to snap a photo of their plate when they’re out with friends — everyone’s doing it and it doesn’t look weird.”

A visual account of what an Instagram user eats every day makes it easy for followers to “spot trouble.” This is due to both quality of the food as well as volume.

“When you only have one data point for a pizza or donut, it’s easy to rationalize that away as a special occasion,” said senior author Sean Munson, assistant professor of human centered design and engineering at the UW. “But when you see a whole tiled grid of them, you have to say to yourself, ‘Wait, I don’t actually have that many special days.’”

Social And Emotional Support

The study also noted that emotional support from fellow Instagram users helped those on a weight loss path stick to their goals and make healthy food choices.

“With Instagram, it helped me because I was taking a picture of it — it’s real and it does exist and it does count towards what I was eating. And then putting up a visual image of it really helped me stay honest,” one user noted.

Food Journaling

“With Instagram, you can have a separate part of your profile dedicated to food journaling and you don’t have to be worried that your family member or neighbor who just wants to see pictures of your dogs or vacations will be turned off,” Chung said. “It’s not funneling everything to the same channel.”

Who knew–Instagram might be the new weight loss app!

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