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Is barefoot training a good idea

Barefoot training is one of the latest fitness crazes, and is exactly what it sounds like–taking exercise classes, weight training, and running without sneakers or socks. Is it a good idea, and something you should incorporate into your new Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss regimen? Read on to find out.

What Shoes Really Do

Podiatrists refer to shoes as “foot coffins” or “casts” because they do the majority the work necessary to stabilize your feet. This means the muscles and connective tissues in your feet are not doing much. Wearing a cast on your arm for weeks at a time causes problems when you return to the gym, as your arm will not be as strong and therefore unable to do as many lifts, etc. Shoes do the same thing to feet–they weaken foot structures and can eventually cause problems with your ankles, toes, and arches. This increases your risk of shin splints and other injuries.

“I’m a huge believer in barefoot training just for the foot-strengthening and injury-prevention benefits alone,” says NYC sports medicine physician Jordan Metzl, M.D., author of The Exercise Cure. “You can reduce your risk of so many exercise-related injuries simply by integrating some barefoot work into your exercise routine and training the muscles not just in your arms, legs, and core, but also in your feet.”

The Drawbacks Of Barefoot Training

Despite less stress on your feet and other benefits training barefoot offer, there are still a few drawbacks to consider. Diving into barefoot training is a recipe for foot injuries, including stress fractures. Easing into the process is the best way to reduce pain and injury.

“Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer to adjust than you would have liked,” says kinesiologist and medical exercise specialist Dean Somerset, C.S.C.S. “It can be a slow process, but trust that every little bit matters. It’s just like strengthening any other body part. Change takes time and happens incrementally.”

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