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Is baking soda a weight loss tool

Also known as the chemical compound sodium bicarbonate, baking soda features a variety of uses and has traditionally worked as an antacid. Assorted blogs tout its use as a weight loss tool, but how effective is it? Let’s find out:

A Lighter Stomach

Baking soda’s antacid properties rid the stomach of excess acid. A better-feeling stomach often equals a light feeling some have equated to weight loss.

Your stomach is supposed to be at a very low (acidic) pH, which is what causes the early stages of protein digestion,” Rachele Pojednic, Ph.D., an assistant professor of nutrition at Simmons College, told Women’s Health. “If you eat a big meal high in protein (or maybe even high fat), your gastric cells would likely secrete extra acid to break that food down.”

If you take an antacid (like baking soda), it will ‘neutralize’ the acid that gets into the esophagus or the digestive tract and relieve the irritation of the acid,” she continued.

So while you may initially feel a little bloated after consuming baking soda, you will burp out the carbon dioxide to enjoy the relief you want.

No Evidence Of Weight Loss

Less bloat is always a good thing, but there is no scientific evidence linking baking soda to weight loss.

There would be no physiologic reason sodium bicarbonate would increase weight loss, except perhaps to make a person feel more full, decreasing caloric intake,” noted Pojednic.

Helps Prevent Muscle Fatigue

What baking soda can do is help you work out and therefore burn calories longer.

Sodium bicarbonate may benefit endurance by making the the blood slightly more alkaline (i.e., less acidic),” Pojednic explained. “Having less acid in the working muscle would actually delay the onset of muscle fatigue.”

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