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Integrated weight loss & depression therapy effective

According to new research from the University of Chicago and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, integrated therapy treating weight loss as well as depression is effective. Treatments include antidepressant medication and problem-solving therapy to help patients enjoy healthy and lasting weight loss. Learn more about this study, and talk to your physician about how any depressants might interact with Phentermine 37.5 mg.

Relieving The Burden

Treating both health issues in one setting keeps patients from having to visit multiple practitioners, something that can easily prove burdensome. Having to see more than one doctor can exacerbate existing depression and even cause the patient to stop going to therapy. Integrated services eliminate this issue.

“Treatments exist that are effective at treating obesity and depression separately, but none that address both conditions in concert, which is a critical unmet need because of the high prevalence of obesity and depression together,” said Dr. Jun Ma, professor of medicine in the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and principal study investigator. “We have shown that delivering obesity and depression therapy in one integrated program using dually trained health coaches who work within a care team that includes a primary care physician and a psychiatrist, is effective at reducing weight and improving depressive symptoms.”

Rainbow Weight Loss Intervention

Participants were enrolled in a Research Aimed at Improving Both Mood and Weight (RAINBOW) program, which promotes healthy eating and physical activity, as well as problem-solving skills. Psychiatrists recommend antidepressant medication if necessary, which the participant’s personal physician prescribes.

[The study] points to an effective, practical way to integrate fragmented obesity and depression care into one combined therapy, with good potential for implementation in primary care settings, in part because the integrated mental health treatment in primary care settings is now also reimbursable by Medicare. For patients, this approach is an attractive alternative to seeing multiple practitioners each charging for their services as is done traditionally,” Ma said.

More research on understanding brain function mechanisms and behavior change in relation to weight loss and depression is expected.
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