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Inspirational weight loss stories of 2018

If you recently began a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and are making weight loss your biggest New Year’s resolution, read the following stories and get inspired! Enjoy!

The Importance Of Consistency

“If you want to lose weight, it’s about committing yourself to choosing healthy options, moderating the portions, and forcing your body into action. It requires consistency, too. Actively squashing excuses to eat bad food, excuses to avoid working out, and excuses to ‘start next week.’ It took me eight months and one day to lose 95 pounds; however, it took me nearly 12 months to even start my healthy journey.” –Jon LaFontaine, 95 pounds lost

Weight Loss Is A Journey

“It’s hard at the beginning, but as the results start to show, you start to get even more motivated to lose more weight. Healthy eating and fitness have become my lifestyle. I don’t diet because I watch what I eat every day. I’m conscious of this because I want to look and feel healthy and be able to inspire and motivate others that don’t think they can achieve their goals.”–Adriel Vissani, 60 pounds lost

Transforming Habits

“We all have those roadblocks that come up in life. However, it’s determination that allows us to overcome and surpass those barriers. Do not give up on your dreams and goals, and remember that anything is possible as long as you are determined.”–Matthew Parrow Eckeard, 41 pounds lost

Commitment To Health

Raven Wright was extremely unhappy with the weight she had gained, but it gave her pause and made her re-commit herself to health and wellness. She has since gone from 224 pounds to 178 pounds.

“Trust the process and stay disciplined. I’m speaking from experience when I say it’s a gnarly mental game. It’s key to stay focused on your goals,” she says. “Keep reminding yourself why you decided to make this change. Take pictures and hang on to your old clothes. When you’re feeling like you’re not seeing results, look back at those pictures or try on your older clothes.”

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