While most weight loss advice is sound, some is just plain awful. Avoid being a victim of terrible weight loss advice by dismissing the following “tips.” Exercise regularly, enjoy a varied diet, and take Phentermine 37.5mg to achieve the slim, trim figure you desire.

Cutting Out Gluten

Eliminating gluten from your diet is necessary if you are diagnosed with celiac disease, but that’s about it. In fact, cutting gluten from your diet actually has the power to impair your weight loss efforts. Gluten-free foods often feature rice flour, which increases such foods’ sugar levels. Spiking your blood sugar by consuming gluten-free foods causes it to subsequently drop quickly, resulting in hunger pangs.

“When we compare the average body weight of patients diagnosed with celiac disease, who are forced to consume a gluten-free diet, they demonstrate a higher body weight than their gluten-consuming counterparts,” says Ethan Lazarus, M.D., director of the Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver.

Reducing Fat Consumption

Severely reducing the amount of fat you eat makes losing weight more difficult, as healthy fats keep you satiated and help reduce cravings. Enjoy a diet that includes avocado, nuts, and other sources of healthy fat to end those mid-morning thoughts about donuts.

Swearing Off Dairy

“More often than not, studies show that drinking milk and eating dairy foods, which are high in protein, results in weight loss,” says Craig Primack, M.D., a diplomat on the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Unless you are lactose intolerant, eat healthy dairy options such as yogurt, cheddar cheese, and milk.

Eating At Night

Eating in the evening does not necessarily result in weight gain–what does pile on the pounds is mindlessly consuming chips from the bag and other snacks as you zone out in front of the television. Aim for mindful eating all day long instead of reaching for the snack bags.

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