Think you can’t trick yourself into feeling fuller? It’s absolutely possible, and something that’s undoubtedly helpful when trying to lose weight. Check out the following tips and tricks to try in combination with your new Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

Keep Healthy Snacks With You

That familiar stomach rumbling is enough to send you straight for the pile of donuts in the office kitchen. Rather than blowing your diet because you’re hungry, keep healthy snacks with you. Raw fruit and vegetables, organic granola bars, and yogurt are some of the many healthy foods you can keep at the office (in the kitchen fridge), your car, desk, etc. You’ll satisfy your stomach, and your waistline will thank you.

Chew And Chew

Thoroughly chewing your food is essential in feeling satiated. Inhaling a meal will likely leave you craving second and third portions, so remember to take your time when you eat for quick weight loss.

Use A Mirror

Placing a mirror in your kitchen or dining room will help you feel full, especially if eating something that’s not exactly healthy. Research indicates watching yourself eating something sweet, salty, or starchy results in feelings of discomfort, so try using a mirror and see if you don’t stop eating sooner.

Bring A Clutch Purse To Parties

Feeling full more quickly is easy when you only have one hand to consume food with. Bring a clutch purse to parties laden with food tables, and keep it in your hand throughout the duration of the evening. Help yourself even further by using the other hand to hold a healthy drink, such as green tea.

Drink More Water

Thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger. Drink some water next time you’re feeling hungry…the feeling will likely pass quickly. Drinking a glass of water before a meal will also trick your body into feeling full.

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