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How To Minimize Your Alcohol (And Empty Calorie) Intake This Holiday Season

Alcohol is a waistline enemy not only because it contains empty calories, but because the body recognizes it as a toxin. The liver works overtime to rid the body of alcohol, causing the metabolism to slow down. Any food in the body subsequently has a greater chance of getting stored as fat than burned as energy. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions to increase the chances of poor food decisions. Even the days after drinking can result in junk food decisions because people crave greasy food when they’ve had too much the night before.

If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg and don’t want holiday libations derailing your weight loss efforts, keep these tips in mind.

Make Your Drink Choice An Expensive One

When you’re out to dinner during the holidays and want to order a drink, make it an expensive glass of wine or other high-cost option. You’ll be more likely to savor the drink and make it last instead of guzzing it because of what you paid. You’re also less likely to order another of the same beverage to save money and calories.

Keep Putting It Off

Try enjoying holiday parties without alcohol–it’s easier than you think! You’ll feel great as you refrain from indulging because you’re doing your waistline and your body overall a big favor. If you still want to have a beverage, wait until later in the night to keep the drink count low.

Drink Lots Of Water

Dilute alcohol during holiday events with water. For every glass of vino, beer, or spirits you have, drink a glass of water. The libation will have less chance to stay in your system and you won’t feel as intoxicated, which helps avoid poor food decisions.
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