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How to make your home weight loss-friendly

Your home has the power to influence weight loss…or weight gain. Learn what you can do to promote weight loss and healthy choices throughout your home, and use the tips to fuel your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss regimen:

Store Food Mindfully

The more visible a food the more attractive it is,’ says Dr. Brian Wansink, author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.So if it’s unhealthy store it in containers you can’t see through and if it’s chopped vegetables and other healthy fare, use a transparent container. If you can’t see it you’re less likely to eat it.”

Organize Your Refrigerator

If we can make our environments help us make more consciously healthy food choices more often, over time they become habitual and before you know it, you’ve replaced a bad eating habit with a healthy one,” says psychologist Dr. Laura McGowan of University Belfast.

She suggests organizing your fridge to make healthy snacks visible and giving yourself “fast access” to better options.

Instead of buying a packet of carrots that need to be chopped and peeled, buy them prepared or opt for ready-to-rinse-and–eat vegetables such as cherry tomatoes that need no preparation,” she notes.

Use Tall Glasses

People drinking from a tall, narrow glass tend to drink less than those that drink from short, wide tumblers,” says Dr MacGowan. “It’s a visual trick in which having a tall glass makes people think it’s more so they put less liquid in.”

Forget The Side Tables

Move your side tables in the living room so they’re more than arm’s length away from where you sit,” says Dr. Wansink, who also suggests making food “inconvenient.”

If you do take food in there make it inconvenient to get to and you’ll have less,” he suggests.

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