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How to make healthy choices when eating out

Eating healthfully while out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be quite challenging, especially when fried and sweet treats abound. Rather than consuming too many calories every time you go out to eat and feeling guilty afterwards, use the following tips to help you make healthy decisions and for fast weight loss:

Order a Salad First

Research indicates ordering a salad before your meal when eating out means consuming fewer calories overall than those who don’t enjoy a salad first. Avoid options such as bacon bits and fried noodles, as well as creamy dressings loaded with calories. Look for salads with seeds, fruit, and nuts, and order your dressing on the side.

Try Two Appetizers

Eating two healthy appetizers as opposed to one big entree is usually enough to keep you satiated. Again, avoid anything fried for weight loss in San Diego.

Stay Clear of Salt

Request no salt with your meal, as salt and sodium equal water retention.

Ask For A To-Go Box

Restaurants are notorious for providing huge portions, so ask for a to-go box at the beginning of your meal. Place half of it in the box and enjoy it the next day.

Go For a Fruity Dessert

If you simply must have something sweet while out to lunch or dinner, choose a dessert featuring fruit or sorbet.

Drink Water Throughout

Sipping water throughout your meal helps you eat slowly and feel full. Your brain will receive the message that you’ve had enough before you’ve finished your food.

Skip the Alcohol

Having a beer or cocktail with your meal means consuming empty calories, and if you consume more than one you’re essentially destroying your calorie intake for the day. Skip the alcoholic beverages as well as others that thicken the waistline, such as soda. Stick to water instead.

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