Nighttime has long been considered an enemy of weight loss since eating late in the evening and then going to bed can pack on the pounds. However, not all nighttime eating is detrimental. Get a few tips for making better diet choices at night to help Phentermine 37.5mg do what it does so well.

Ask Yourself If You’re Really Hungry

Are you hungry, or just bored/upset/stressed? Ask yourself this question while drinking a glass of water. You may be thirsty instead of hungry, resulting in mixed signals to your brain. Also look for ways to distract yourself, such as watching a favorite TV program, talking to a friend or family member, reading, or even doing a few squats and lunges.

If you are still hungry, opt for cottage cheese or another low-calorie, high-protein option that won’t contribute to belly fat.

Eat A Satisfying Dinner

What you eat for dinner has a huge impact on whether you feel hungry later on in the night. Ensure your supper includes fiber and protein so you spend the evening hours digesting your meal instead of consuming simple carbs because your blood sugar spiked and crashed. If you are short on recipes, now is the perfect time to research a few options.

Keep “Tempting” Foods Out Of Your House

It’s a lot easier to avoid poor nighttime diet choices when you don’t have tempting foods in your fridge or pantry. Keep such foods out of sight and stop buying them altogether so you aren’t looking for what you can eat late at night. Make sweet and salty treats an occasional indulgence instead, such as when you’re out to dinner.

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