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How to keep up with weight loss goals when life gets insane

It’s easy to stay on the weight loss track when life is going according to plan, but what about when work hours are long, a child is sick, and your to-do list seems more endless than ever? Help yourself maintain your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen by putting the following tips into practice. You will thank yourself in the end!

Stay Aware Of Excuses…Always

“Be aware of your excuses, even if they are legitimate,” recommends California-based certified strength and conditioning specialist Holly Perkins, author of Lift to Get Lean. “If you make the choice to not accept those excuses, it’s incredible what you can accomplish.” Stay aware of what makes you not want to exercise or order fatty takeout. Do what you can to work around them and remember: exercise and sleep are generally the first things people swear off when life gets crazy.

Speaking Of Sleep….Be Sure You Are Getting Enough Of It

“Lack of sleep dulls the decision-making part of the brain and lights up its reward centers, making it difficult to resist cravings and control impulses,” says obesity scientist Lisa M. Davis. Don’t deprive yourself of shut-eye and suffer for it–get seven to nine hours to enjoy a healthier, much more stress-free existence. The less you sleep, the worst you’ll feel, resulting in overwhelming, anxious feelings that lead to midnight ice cream binges.

Break It Up

“Even if you don’t have time for a full 30-minute workout, chances are that you have three 10-minute blocks open throughout your day,” Perkins says. “They will add up.” Do whatever you can to exercise throughout the day, such as parking farther away from the office to get extra steps in, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing a few squats after lunch as you make business calls, etc.

Keep these tips in mind to see the weight loss results you want!

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