Is your partner a little heavier? Is weight loss something that needs to occur soon to avoid the many health issues associated with excess pounds? Help the one you love lose weight by inspiring him or her with your Phentermine 37.5mg success story and putting the following tips into practice:

Be Gentle

Before anything else, remember to refrain from judging your partner. Be as gentle as possible, as the person might not have even realized weight gain has occurred.

“Often, people are legitimately surprised when they see a picture of themselves and had no idea they had gained weight,” notes Susan Albers, PsyD, psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Switch Your Vocabulary

Replace words such as “weight gain” and “diet” with positive terms such as “in training” and “healthy.” Many feel criticized when they are told they need to lose weight, so switch your language around to avoid hurt feelings.

Be A Cheerleader

Be your partner’s biggest cheerleader! Show the emotional support necessary for weight loss, and don’t be critical if your partner cheats and eats three donuts. Your partner is only human after all, and will make the occasional mistake.

“Research shows people who lose the most weight are those who have consistent support,” says Albers.

Plan A Prep Day

Use Sunday or another day when you have a lot of free time to prepare healthy meal options. Boil brown rice, roast vegetables, grill some chicken, make hearty stews and freeze them. Not having to decide what you and your partner are going to eat night after night takes a lot of pressure off the situation.

Be A Good Example

Be a role model for your partner. Don’t sit there with a bag of chips in front of the television while your partner is trying to stop eating at night. Make healthy choices, exercise, and remain diligent about taking your Phentermine supplement. Sure, indulgences happen, but if you are a healthy example overall, your partner will enjoy greater success sooner.
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