If your success with Phentermine 37.5mg has resulted in the slim, trim physique you have always wanted, it is time to inspire others! Help a friend who is struggling to lose weight with these tips:

Try Healthy Recipes

Make a point of trying healthy recipes together instead of going out to eat. Fried food, sodium-laden dishes, and other high-fat options abound at restaurants, so avoid temptation completely and experiment with healthy recipes from your favorite cookbooks. Who knows, you might find a new staple recipe or three!

Enjoy Exercise-Based Activities

Opt for activities that require burning calories, such as hiking, evening walks around the neighborhood, volunteering at local parks and nature centers, and anything else you both want to try that works up a sweat. Make walking in the evening or hiking on the weekends a habit, and who knows…your friend may start exercising on his or her own!

Don’t Give Food Gifts

Avoid gifts of chocolate, candy, or any other foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar. Ask your friend for suggestions instead, as he or she may want a new fitness gadget or subscription to a diet and exercise magazine. If the person is struggling to lose weight, do not be an enabler with unhealthy foods!

Be Supportive

Offer support whenever your friend wants to talk about weight loss. Emphasize that while losing weight can seem overwhelming, it is simply a day-by-day process that includes exercising and making healthy food choices. Suggest riding the friend’s pantry of sweet and salty snacks together, or joining a gym together. Research shows working out with a friend is great motivation, so why not be that source of inspiration? Your friend will love you more for it.

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