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How to have a fun birthday while taking phentermine

Many people struggle with holidays and other special events when taking Phentermine 37.5mg or otherwise on a diet. If your birthday is coming up and your are worrying about whether or not you can indulge, do not fret. There is plenty you can do to enjoy your special day without derailing your weight loss efforts.

Plan Calorie-Burning Activities

Plan one or several activities that burn serious calories for your birthday. Invite friends and family on hiking trips, bike rides, 5K walks, or anything else that has you up and about. Even if you are simply walking around a museum all day or walking around downtown, you are still burning calories. Think of what you have always wanted to do, such as hiking a nearby landmark, and go for it.

Plan Your Birthday Meal

Take time to plan your birthday meal. If you want to engage in a total calorie fest, avoid indulging in the days leading up to your special day and make smart food decisions following the occassion. If you would rather enjoy a delicious, healthy meal, look for restaurants in your area that serve healthier options. You can also have a pot luck at your house and ask attendees to bring healthy versions of favorite comfort foods. Whatever you decide, remember planning is key.

Plan Your Alcohol Intake

Think about whether you really want to drink on your birthday or not. Many people get plenty intoxicated on their birthdays; however, it still means consuming a whole lot of empty calories and possibly feeling terrible the next day. Feel free to indulge in an expensive glass of wine or a specialty drink you do not normally order. “Mocktails” are another option.

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