Taking a walk after dinner is a great way to expedite your weight loss efforts because it burns off one of the heaviest meals of the day. Even if you worked out earlier, it is still a good idea to take a walk after dinner since burning calories at different times each day is widely considered better than one long exercise regimen. Help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job by getting more out of your post-dinner walks:

Wear The Right Shoes

Wear comfortable, well-fitting, cushioned sneakers, especially if you are walking on concrete or asphalt. Cushioned footwear provides the extra padding you need on hard pavement.

Maintain Your Pace

Maintain a brisk pace the entire time or as much as possible. If you find yourself getting tired, take short breaks and walk a little slower before speeding back up. The more you go on walks, the better your endurance will be. You’ll subsequently have an easier time maintaining a nice pace, which burns more calories.

Keep It Interesting

Try a different route every day to challenge yourself and avoid the dreaded exercise plateau. Walk to a neighborhood park one day and try a steep hill the next. Variation keeps the body from getting used to any one thing so you reach your goal weight faster.

Add Some Cross Training

Add some cross training to your walk, especially if you have access to parks with training equipment nearby. If not, try a few lunges or squats every 10 or so minutes. You can also use wrist or ankle weights to increase the resistance and therefore burn more calories. Adding weights also helps tone your muscles.

Remember, stay consistent with your post-dinner walks as well as your regular exercise routine!

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