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How to enjoy alcohol without gaining weight

Alcohol is full of empty calories, so swearing off libations is a great way to boost your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts. If you still want to enjoy some drinks without gaining weight, use the following tips to make smart decisions:

Avoid “Caloriefest” Drinks

Stay away from alcoholic drinks known for featuring the most calories, such as mixed drinks loaded with sugar. Pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris, and margaritas are the worst offenders, with beer and wine not far behind. In terms of the least amount of calories, hard liquor straight up or on the rocks is best.

Indulge In One Expensive Beverage

Treat yourself to one expensive alcoholic beverage the next time you go out to dinner instead of chugging beer after cheap beer. You are much more likely to drink slowly and really savor the beverage if it costs a pretty penny, which means you will consume far fewer calories throughout your meal.

Stay Mindful

Ask yourself if you really, really need that glass of wine or two on a Wednesday night, or if your alcoholic beverage of choice can wait for the weekend. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy when Friday night rolls around, it just means to think about whether you absolutely want a drink or if the extra calories are not worth it.

Keep Your Daily Caloric Intake In Mind

Keep a record of what you eat every day and how many calories each food features so you know if you can have a drink or if it is better to wait until the next day. You do not want to pile on the extra calories if you have already consumed a day’s worth.

Drink less and watch the pounds fall off!

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