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How to cut down on sugar

Cutting down on sugar will not only do wonders for your health, it will do wonders for your Phentermine regimen. Eating less sugar is one of the best ways to bolster Phentermine 37.5mg use, as the sweet stuff is full of empty calories. If you consume sugar on a regular basis, you’ll quite literally have to detox and overcome your cravings. Gradually eating less sugar will help with this, as will the following tips:

Cut Back On Additives

Do you frequently add sugar to drinks and assorted dishes? Cut what you use in half and lessen your intake from there.

Make Healthy Breakfast Choices

There’s plenty of breakfast cereals laden with sugar, which means you’re beginning your day with a huge dose of the “white stuff.” Rather than spiking your blood sugar levels and subsequently consuming more sugar once they crash, choose healthy cereals containing 8 grams of sugar or less. Bran flakes and shredded wheat are two excellent options that will fortify you for the day and not leave you craving donuts by 11am.

Read Food Labels

Reading food labels will do wonders for your diet, as many foods seem healthy, but actually contain a ton of sugar and sodium. Get in the habit of reading food labels whenever you grocery shop to avoid accidentally consuming sugar and wondering why your Phentermine regimen isn’t progressing like it should.

Choose Naturally-Sweet Options

Increase your intake of foods containing natural sugars, such as berries and other fruits. The American Heart Association recommended avoiding canned fruits, as they feature syrups loaded with sugar.

Use Spices

Yes, sugar adds flavor, but there’s a world of spices to pick from instead. Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger heighten dish flavors without harming the body.

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