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How to burn more calories on travel days part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How To Burn More Calories on Travel Days! If you recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and are tired of making poor food choices on travel days, read on:

Eat A Healthy, Filling Breakfast

Start your travel day with a satiating breakfast that jump-starts your metabolism so you burn calories all day long. Think eggs, avocado toast, oatmeal with fruit, and other body-healthy options that help you avoid making poor food choices later. It’s easy to purchase that enormous soft pretzel or box of chocolate-covered Oreos on an empty stomach after you’ve gotten through airport security, so do yourself a favor and eat before you go. Even a small meal will help you avoid donuts and bagels in a few hours.

Don’t Sit Unless You Have To

Unless you are in transit, don’t sit. Walk around the airport, do jumping jacks or lunges while you wait for your friend to fill up the car’s gas tank, walk briskly up and down the train platform. You’ll be doing plenty of sitting when you are en route, so the more you can move and burn calories during off periods, the better.

Exercise When You Arrive

Try to exercise when you arrive at your new destination even if you are feeling tired. A five or 10-minute workout will give you the boost you need and help you keep burning calories before you go to lunch or dinner. If you can manage it, go for a walk after you eat so your body keeps burning calories. This is paramount to weight loss, as too many people eat large dinners before sitting for the rest of the night.

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