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How to burn calories on travel days part 1

If you travel frequently for any reason, you are probably familiar with the lack of movement and poor food choices synonymous with plane, train, and automobile transportation. Make healthier choices and burn more calories to help Phentermine 37.5mg do its job on travel days:

Get 5-Minute Workouts In

Work out for five minutes whenever you have some down time on travel adventures. Stopping at a gas station on a road trip? See how many jumping jacks you can do–aim for 50 or more at a time to shrink your waistline and blast belly fat. Experiment with other exercises as well, such as squats and lunges. Airport lounges are great spaces for such exercises because they are more private.

Move Whenever You Can

Adventures in sitting is common during any long travel day, so get up whenever you can. Not only will you give your blood a much-needed boost of circulation, you will help yourself burn calories. Squeeze and release your buttocks and thighs as you walk up and down the plane aisles or while in line for the restroom. Jump around during every road trip break to keep your muscles loose and your metabolism working.

Bring Calorie-Burning Snacks

Stock your travel bag with healthy snacks that help you burn calories or at least keep you satiated until you can have a real meal. Assorted berries, salads with kale, nuts, seeds, veggie slices and sticks, and hummus are among your healthiest choices. Avoid snacks that pack on the weight, especially since you will be sitting for long periods, such as candy bars and soft pretzels. Remember to eat when you are really hungry too, not just because you are bored.
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