Intermittent fasting is among the most popular diet trends of late, offering a variety of health and wellness benefits. Its weight loss perks are currently up for debate, as it’s actually possible to gain weight on intermittent fasting due to deprivation and subsequent binging. If you recently started intermittent fasting as part of your commitment to wellness on Phentermine 37.5mg, use these tips to ensure you lose pounds safely instead of gaining them.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water while doing intermittent fasting. Too many people mistake hunger for thirst, causing them to consume calories they don’t need. Drink the recommended amount of water for your weight to avoid unnecessary hunger pangs and help yourself feel full. Water increases fullness feelings for intermittent fasting success.

Eat Your Veggies First

Consume vegetables first during most if not all of your meals to keep the fullness feeling going. Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories in addition to being nutrient-dense, making them the ideal weight loss food. Help yourself further by adding lean sources of protein to your meals so you don’t make poor food decisions because you’re so hungry.

Prepare Meals For The Week

Prepare at least a few meals for the week in advance so you have something ready to eat when it’s time. Meal prep saves time and prevents impulsive meal decisions, such as ordering takeout, because you’re once again hungry.

Eat Slowly & Enough

Take time to chew your food whether you’re on an intermittent fasting regimen or any other diet plan. Eating too quickly confuses the stomach and brain, which can make you think you’re still hungry. Savor each bite and ensure you eat enough at each meal to prevent deprivation-related binges.

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