Weight gain is unfortunately a common part of vacation fun. Most people slack on their diets to enjoy exotic foods or simply eat a whole lot of takeout and restaurant fare. Rather than taking a few steps back on your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen this summer while on vacation, use the following tricks to help you stay slim:

Set The Tone

Set the tone for the day by making smart breakfast choices. Stay away from the pile of donuts at your hotel’s continental breakfast and opt for less carb-heavy choices such as fruit. Vacation lunches and dinners are often more indulgent, so if you choose healthy options in the morning you won’t be consuming as many calories per day. Additionally, try eating a cup of berries before you go to brunch or dinner. It will satiate your hunger somewhat so you’re not ravenous when you sit down for your meal.

Pack Protein-Friendly Snacks

Pack a few snacks for the day, whether road-tripping, hiking, or otherwise exploring a new area. Failing to do so means feeling extra hungry when it’s time to eat lunch or dinner, which often results in less-than-great food choices. Bring protein-friendly snacks with you to avoid an empty stomach come dinner, such as string cheese, yogurt, and fruit.

Go Grocery Shopping

Avoid eating out at every single meal, as restaurant food is notoriously high in carbs, sodium, and other things that won’t help your diet. Go grocery shopping on vacation and fill your cart with healthy foods you can easily prepare at your AirBnB or hotel with a kitchen. This waistline-happy measure also saves money, as restaurant food isn’t exactly cheap!

Don’t let vacation fun injure your weight loss efforts! Plan smartly and look great when you come back from vacation.

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