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How To Avoid Derailing Your Weight Loss Efforts During Your Christmas Break

Whether your Christmas break has you traveling or not, it can be difficult to stay on the weight loss train when leftovers and holiday candy are seemingly everywhere you turn. Help your Phentermine 37.5mg quick weight loss regimen continue as planned with these helpful tips:

Stay Active

It might sound obvious, but getting at least some form of exercise in every day is key to avoiding holiday weight gain. Stick to your workout regimen as much as possible or do anything else that gets the blood pumping, such as going on a brisk walk every morning you are staying at a relative’s house or hitting the cross-training equipment at the local park. Walk instead of driving everywhere whenever you can–the more steps you take a day, the better.

Fill Up On Healthy Foods

Complex carbs, fiber, and lean protein that take a long time to digest is what you want to eat, as they are one of the best ways to avoid making poor food decisions. Attend holiday events on a full stomach so you do not feel tempted to eat four donuts or otherwise load up on other highly-fattening, sugary foods.

Try Not To Drink Too Much

The holidays are practically synonymous with libations, which mean lowered inhibitions…and increased chances of hitting the buffet table or leftovers too hard. Additionally, alcohol is chock-full of empty calories, so the less brews, vinos, and spirits you consume, the more your waistline will thank you.

Find Fun Things To Do With Friends & Family

Forgetting about that pound cake or pile of holiday cookies is much easier when you are distracted by fun things. Go hiking at a local park, explore a nearby museum, take a gallery walk or two…any of these things are fun to do with friends and family and help you burn plenty of calories besides.

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