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How To Avoid Birthday-Related Weight Gain

Birthdays are almost always associated with extra calories. There’s fancy dinners, alcohol, birthday cake, ice cream, and other sweets, all of which can widen your waistline if you aren’t careful. If you have a birthday coming up and recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, use these tips to make smart decisions on your big day.

Ask For Cake Slices

Request a slice of your cake from your friends or family, such as a piece from your favorite deli or baking. This saves you from being left with a whole lot of cake in your fridge that can easily result in late-night calorie fests. Limit the ice cream too if you can, or opt for frozen yogurt.

Work Out

Start your birthday with a workout, such as dancing, bike riding, yoga, or anything else that makes you feel good. Exercising gets your birthday off to a healthy start, especially if you complement it with a walk around your favorite park or similar activity.

Be Smart About Alcohol

Indulge with an expensive glass of wine or favorite beer on your birthday instead of drinking to excess. While birthdays provide an excuse for many people to get seriously intoxicated, it also means ingesting far too many empty calories. Making a drink into an indulgence helps you avoid empty calorie-related weight gain. If you are still worried about drinking too much because of your friends, ask to do something different this year, such as hiking or visiting a local arboretum.

Don’t Ask For Candy

Avoid asking for candy as a present or tell your friends and family to skip the sweet gifts this year. Suggest donating to your favorite charities in your name instead or ask for fitness-themed gifts such as resistance bands or a yoga mat.
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