The term “weight gain” is synonymous with the holidays, but how many extra pounds do people actually put on during the most wonderful time of the year? Learn about the average holiday weight gain here and what you can do to keep the pounds off and subsequently help Phentermine 37.5mg work.

The Numbers

According to recent studies, Americans increase their weight by 0.2% during Thanksgiving and 0.4% during Christmas. This results in about one pound gained over each holiday. Lack of physical activity compounds the problem, says experts.

“Unfortunately, many people spend their winters eating a bit more and exercising a bit less,” notes Milton Stokes, PhD, of One Source Nutrition. “If you’re consistent in your exercise habits, there’s no need to change your eating patterns.”

What does this mean? It means if you stay consistent about your fitness regimen, you won’t have to worry about the pounds piling on.

The Tips

If you want to ensure the holiday season doesn’t result in serious weight gain, Phentermine pills combined with an exercise routine will make it easy. The fast weight loss drug naturally decreases the appetite, causing the stomach to shrink so you eat less.

Other tips for avoiding holiday weight gain include filling up on vegetables at parties, as they contain fiber and water to help you feel full. You won’t be as tempted to consume fattening comfort foods when you stick to veggies. It also helps to limit libations, as they lower inhibitions to make poor food choices more likely. The body additionally recognizes alcohol as a toxin, and slows the metabolism down while getting rid of it.

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