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How I stopped emotional eating real stories from real women

Emotional eating refers to consuming food when you feel sad, stressed, or have another issue that makes you reach for donuts or chips. It does not involve hunger and comes with a stigma that makes many feel bad about themselves. Rather than continuing the vicious cycle of emotional eating, get inspired from real-life stories and use them to fuel your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

Remember: you are not the only one who eats as an emotional reaction!

“I went into therapy, I started practicing yoga almost daily, and I took a 10-week course in mindful eating, which included literature by Geneen Roth, lots of exercises, coaching, journaling, meditations, etc. I had been eating emotionally since I was a teenager, that is for more than 20 years. Finally, it stopped. This was in 2011 and I have not fallen back into emotional eating yet. I am so grateful.” —Emma S., Quebec, Canada


“For me, the key to quitting emotional eating was to realize that it’s okay to eat emotionally sometimes. I decided I could still eat what I wanted but only after I identified the emotion and the real reason I wanted the food—and ‘tired’ or ‘stressed’ wasn’t enough. I had to dig through the layers until I realized what was really going on. For instance, ‘I’m tired and I’ve been doing things for others all day and haven’t done anything for me, and the 10 minutes it will take me to eat these cookies are the only thing I’ll have enjoyed today, even though I’ll feel sick later.’ And then I would eat the cookies if I still wanted them. Over a few months, I basically got more comfortable feeling uncomfortable emotions and my desire to inhale Oreos decreased in correlation. The day a package went stale and I had to throw it out was a huge victory!” —Marste M., Murrieta, CA


“I used to eat when I was sad, mad, bored, or even happy. To end this cycle of mindless eating, every time I went to eat something I would ask myself, ‘Am I eating because I’m hungry or because I am feeling a certain emotion?’ That helped me recognize that I was eating emotionally. That didn’t stop the craving though, so I would follow that up by drinking eight ounces of water and waiting 10 minutes. If I was still hungry after that I would eat something small to tide me over until meal time. I still have to do this almost every day so I don’t snack myself to death.” —Amanda S., Denver, CO

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