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High-protein bedtime snacks not a problem for active women

According to a new study from Florida State University, active women can enjoy protein-rich bedtime snacks without the fear of weight gain. The study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, questions the idea that eating at night causes weight gain and that women in particular are susceptible. Learn about this study as you refine your snacking habits on Phentermine 37.5 mg.

No Disturbance

Protein consumption before going to bed reportedly has no detrimental effects on belly fat metabolism or the body’s fat-burning efforts.

“For far too long, people have been led to believe that eating before bed causes metabolic disturbances and will make them gain fat,” said study author Michael Ormsbee, an associate professor in the College of Human Sciences and the associate director of the FSU Institute of Sports Sciences & Medicine. “However, the data simply does not support this when the food we choose to eat before bed is protein-based and small in size.”

The Study

Some study participants drank casein protein shakes 30 minutes post-workout and a similar placebo shake 30 minutes before bed. Other participants consumed the shakes in the reverse order.

“We wanted to investigate how drinking a protein shake before bed influenced overnight metabolism of fat in fit women as compared to taking that protein shake at another time of day,” Ormsbee said.

The team found that women who lift weights experienced no detrimental effects from consuming the protein shake at night.

“In women who weight train, there are no differences in overnight local belly fat metabolism or whole-body fat burn whether you eat protein in the form of a protein shake during the day post-workout or at night presleep,” said study co-author and former FSU doctoral student Brittany Allman. “So, essentially, you can eat protein before bed and not disturb fat metabolism.”
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