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Hidden exercise tools within your home

Your home is chock-full of exercise tools! Taking advantage of these “tools” on extra-cold or snowy days is an excellent way to keep up your exercise regimen and boost the effects of Phentermine 37.5mg. Check out the following ideas to burn calories even when you are stuck indoors.


Use the stairs in your home (if applicable) to work your legs and glutes. Stairs are proven workout tools that provide strength training and cardio at the same time. See how fast you can run up your stairs or simply focus on a moderate pace and going up your stairs as many times as possible. Aim for at least 20 minutes of solid “stepping” to feel the workout burn.

Canned Goods

Turn canned goods, such as canned beans, into weights. Canned goods are ideal if you don’t own weights or have forgotten where you put them. Work with them the same way you work with regular weights–use YouTube exercise videos if necessary to ensure correct form.


Challenge yourself by performing squats up against a wall. Put your back up against the wall and “sit” as you normally would. This exercise is incredibly challenging and a great way to work your core, glute, and thigh muscles when executed correctly. Make sure your knees are not overextended, i.e. “past” your toes, to avoid injuries.

Any Empty Space

Utilize any empty space in your home to work out! Move furniture if needed, put favorite music on, and get moving. Dance is a fantastic, low-impact workout that provides both strength training and cardio benefits. Follow a dance workout or simply make up your own routines to melt fat and strengthen your muscles.

Enjoy taking full advantage of these and other “hidden” workout tools in your home!

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