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Heart Doctors: Don’t Eat Late At Night To Lose Weight & Maintain A Healthy Heart

It is well known by now that consuming high-sugar or high-fat foods late at night does nothing for your waistline, but heart doctors have another reason you should abstain from late-night snacking. Doing so not only prevents weight gain, it helps you maintain a much healthier heart. Take a moment to learn what doctors are currently saying to help your Phentermine 37.5 mg regimen. The study comes from the Columbia University Medical Center.

Higher Blood Sugar Levels

Study participants who ate after 6pm had higher blood sugar levels than those who stopped eating before 6. They also had higher blood pressure.

In our study we show that if you eat most of your calories before 6 p.m., you may have better cardiovascular health,” said Columbia’s Nour Makarem. “Your meal timing matters and eating earlier in the day may be an important strategy to help lower the risk for heart disease.”

Eating More Nuts

Researchers suggested consuming more nuts to help participants maintain if not lose weight and enjoy better heart health.

People often see nuts as food items high in fat and calories, so they hesitate to consider them as healthy snacks, but they are in fact associated with less weight gain and wellness,” said researcher Xiaoran Liu.

Adding 1 ounce of nuts to your diet in place of less healthy foods — such as red or processed meat, French fries or sugary snacks — may help prevent that slow, gradual weight gain after you enter adulthood and reduce the risk of obesity-related cardiovascular diseases.”

Healthy Choices

If you must eat after 6pm, stick to nuts and other healthy fare such as cottage cheese. Avoid eating too late, as your body will have to digest the food instead of focusing on sleep.
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