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Healthy snacking tips from women who have lost weight & kept it off

Snacking does not have to be the bane of weight loss, as there are plenty of ways to “snack healthy” and therefore help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts. Use the following tips from real women who snack the healthy way and keep their weight where they want:

Enjoy Healthy Fats

“I eat clean most of the time and exercise at least 20 minutes on most days—and snacking has been crucial to staying on track with that. The day starts every morning, with half a lemon squeezed into warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a dash of cayenne pepper. Then I eat three meals a day of protein, fruits, and veggies, with three snacks in between. My favorite snacks always contain a healthy fat, like cottage cheese and a piece of fruit, veggies with homemade hummus, or an apple with almond butter. The fat helps me stay full and energized between meals. I’ve been doing this since the end of May and am down 20 pounds and lost many inches!” —Michelle K., Snohomish, Washington, lost 20 lbs in four months

Forget Processed Junk

“Instead of eating traditional processed ‘snack’ foods like crackers or cereal, I try to make sure my snacks incorporate things I need in my day to round out my diet. For instance, I usually have a giant salad mid-afternoon—it’s kind of lunch part two. Around 5 p.m., I eat some nuts and fruit, followed by dinner at 8 p.m. Although I don’t skip all treats! Every night, I have one square of dark chocolate with my tea before bed. This, along with making other lifestyle changes, has helped me lose over 100 pounds.” —Leah W., Austin, Texas, down 100+ lbs in two years

Fill Up On Fiber

“…extra water and fiber are a dieter’s secret weapon. Eating produce as a snack not only kept me full, but it also reduced my cravings for sweets and other junk foods.” —Marcie M., Minneapolis, Minnesota, down 60 lbs in 1.5 years

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